The sale of the product, the company will make the following commitments:

1. To ensure product quality in line with the factory requirements;
2. Product repair package effective from the date of purchase, the whole package free repair for 18 months;
3. During the repair period, according to the instructions for use and the body affixed to the label to use the product failure can be repaired free of charge;
4. During the warranty period, the product must be repaired by the pack repair card and the serial number. The warranty card will not be lost. Please keep it properly.
5. The following items are not covered by the warranty:
(1) improper use, misuse, unauthorized repair or alteration caused by the failure;
(2) Failure due to natural disaster or abnormal voltage;
(3) that the machine is damaged due to damage or other reasons during transportation;
(4) that the number of body tearing or can not provide the body number;
(5) can not provide repair card body number or purchase invoice.

TIJUMP has set up a professional after-sales service company in many areas to provide maintenance services to solve your worries!

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